About NUB

Strategic objective

  • The first goal

    To provide distinguished educational services for the formation of students in scientific, technical, intellectual and cultural formation, integrated and compatible with the requirements of the age and its variables and based on its technologies, For these resources, enabling them to participate actively and distinct in activating the wealth of society and achieve its growth and development and support its capabilities.

  • The second Goal

    Participate in organizing and active in the development of the national and global knowledge base by initiating systematic scientific research and technical development in accordance with the needs of the society and the requirements of its economic, social and cultural development, and contributes to increasing its competitiveness.

  • The third Goal

    To invest the science and technology in the administration of the university and to develop the relations of cooperation and democratic interaction among its elements and to integrate the concepts and mechanisms of continuous development and the overall quality in its organizational structure and work systems, which will serve as a model for other organizations and sectors of society.

  • The fourth Goal

    To maximize the role of the university as a center of education, education and enlightenment that radiates its scientific and intellectual contributions to the Arab, African and Islamic world, while celebrating Egyptian identity and national belonging.


The ambition was high and the hope was great when we established NUB in a desert spot in eastern Beni Suef.Many did not imagine that we placed the first stone in the eastern city of East Beni Suef. We built the city, created employment opportunities and changed the face of life. And progress.

To contribute actively to the preparation of youth scientifically and morally to be able to compete in science and work, and to play a leading and enlightening role in the renaissance of society, by providing excellent educational, research and community services.

An Egyptian university striving for internationalism, distinguished in its performance, occupies a high position in the best universities, keeping pace with the times, which is the kiss of outstanding students and the source of the most preferred graduates in the labor markets.

What did the university achieve?

• In the education system, we introduced the system of credit hours as an advanced system that helps in student independence, uniqueness and excellence.
• In the regularity of the study, we applied an electronic system to monitor the attendance of teachers and students and control the study through the electronic footprint.
• In distinguishing the place, everyone who enters the university sees as much attention to the beauty of the place, its cleanliness and its presence in all aspects.
• In the award of excellence, 80% of the graduations of the university join the labor market before the passage of 6 months, and jobs praise God is distinct.
• In activities, an unpreceded interest in providing all kinds of activities that invest talent and fill time with constructive activity.
• In science, our students earn most of the scientific research competitions at the level of the Republic.
• In external representation, our students are our best ambassadors in all international forums.
• Our professors, a distinguished elite of graduates of European and American universities in excess of ministerial standards.
• Our results are fair, excellent at the same time because we know, and create the best learning environment.
• Our references, foreign references are distributed free of charge to each student.
• And so much, much more.


  • ADDRESS : Banisuef sharq el Nil Mror Road .
  • CALL US : 19206
  • FAX : 0822284688
  • MAIL US : info@nub.edu.eg
  • OPENNING TIME : Saturday - Thursday 9am to 4pm
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