Department of Accounting


The Accounting department aims to provide a high quality education for students, spreading accounting knowledge through research and teaching, and serving the surrounding community.
The Accounting department consists of two majors Accounting and Accounting information Systems (AIS).
To achieve its objectives, the Accounting department has been providing a comprehensive curriculum consisting of 122 credit hours that aim to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to successfully compete in the market and pursue higher education studies.

The department also has an academic strategic to establish a new major at graduate level, Master in Accounting


We are looking to be preferred choice in accounting education and research.


To provide students with excellent accounting education that prepares them to successfully compete in the market place, and in pursuing their graduate studies, as well as providing a motivating milieu for high caliber accounting research.

  • To provide students with an understanding of the major elements of the theory and practice of accounting.
  • To prepare students for employment in a broad range of business sectors
  • To prepare students to purse postgraduate studies.
  • To develop and enhance students' personal and intellectual abilities for lifelong learning and contribution to the society.
  • To continuously enhance accounting research by staff and studentsTo serve the local community.


Program Specification 122

Program Specification 144






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