Department of Marketing


The main aim of the department is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the field of Marketing. To meet its aims, the marketing department provides students with an academic program equivalent to those offered by most reputable universities. The program requires a successful completion of 122 credit hours divided among university, college and department requirements

To be the center of leadership and excellence in providing distinctive educational environment for students of marketing locally and regionally

To provide a distinctive educational experience for students of marketing through developing a modern curriculum that is delivered by well qualified teaching staff. We provide the job market with competent students.


  • To provide students with the required knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts, theories and the context within which practitioners operate.
  • To enable students develop an extensive range of professional and transferable skills. 
  • To graduate students who are technically and intellectually competent to build careers in the marketing field. 
 • To enable students to deal with complex issues within marketing and make informed judgments, present arguments, and communicate effectively with practitioners and academics.

      • To encourage our students to work hard, to be self- motivated and excellence seekers to help them in achieving future development in business environment


Program Specification 122








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