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Dear Students

Welcome to a new and exciting academic year, where we aim at enriching your lives with the finest level of academic and the highest in ethical fulfillment. We have embarked on this journey in which knowledge has become the foundation of society and a key to our ability to cope with life's many and interesting challenges. The University offers research programs and persistently seeks to meet and complete the requirements of scientific research and its advancement through equipping the research labs with machines and their accessories, and encouraging publishing research papers in the advanced scientific fields. The University also embraces a unique group of highly experienced and efficient staff members and their assistants and this will be positively reflected in the scientific and intellectual personality of the student and the formation of his character in general. This will be in addition to the huge capabilities and facilities that the University administration provides to achieve the University’s goals and future vision. And since I have the honor to be the leader, and one of the members,, I welcome you at the University that believes that there is no existence without advancement and no advancement without hard work, so I urge you to invest the best of your efforts and capacities to attain the knowledge that makes you the students at the University of University the beacon of light and the renowned Standard of excellence that I'm confident you are.


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