Computer Science

Vision & Mission


Provide an excellentlearning environment to graduate qualified students, and preparation ofcompetent professionalsequipped withtheoretical and practicalfoundationsin the field ofcomputers and informationand decision supportand is able toprovide scientificadvice andtechnical supportto the different agenciesandmeet thelabor marketrequirements,and to contribute tothe development of society byusing the latestmethodsand modern techniques.


Faculty of Computer Science –Nahda University is an excellent faculty characterized bydistinctquality andin accordance withnationalstandardsandaimsto improve thescientific and practicallevelto achievea prominent placeamongthe Computer and Information Science facultieswith emphasis onthe technological capabilities ofthe different categories ofcommunity development.


  • Preparation ofspecialistsincomputer scienceandinformation, networksandmultimediaoperations researchanddecision supportandqualifiedtheoreticalfoundationsandapplicationmethodologiesto enable them tocompete inthe development ofcomputerinformation technology.
  • To providescientificadviceand practicalassistanceand training courses fordifferent agencies indifferent areas ofspecialization.
  • Prepare graduates, according to the needs ofthe labor marketin modernfieldsofcomputer scienceand information systemsthroughspecializeddiplomas.
  • Organization of conferences andspecialized workshopswith a view toupgradingthe scientificand educationalspecializedcadres.
  • Holdscientific agreementswithcorrespondingagencies and institutionsat the local leveland globallyin order toexchange views and experiencesandconduct scientificresearch related tothe variousareas ofspecializationof the College.
  • Moraldevelopment andconstruction ofthe student's personalityto be asuccessfulcitizenin the community.
  • Emphasis on thequalityof the educational processand its developmentaccording to the needsof society.
  • Provide and strengthen themeans of publicationand scientific researchin various areas ofspecialization.
  • Conducting studiesandscientificand applied researchinthe field of computersandinformationthat have a directimpact onthe integral developmentof society.



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