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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Statutes of Quality Assurance Unit

Unit's Vision

          The Unit's vision is to describe the Faculty's current status, including positive and negative aspects, spot strengths and weaknesses, and define possibilities and priorities with a view of presenting an overall vision for improvement and development involving enhancement policies and executive programs.


The Unit's Mission

          The Unit seeks to secure quality at the Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations, constant development and improvement of performance, and performance assessment in line with the Faculty mission. The unit executes the strategic plan to enhance the educational process in all fields and qualify the Faculty for accreditation.


The Unit's Objectives

  • Spreading quality assurance culture among students, faculty, and staff
  • Improving academic criteria according to domestic and international standards and raising the level of learning opportunities quality
  • Setting up a system of analyzing, measuring, and evaluating performance that allows the Faculty- from the perspective of academic, research, administration, and community service- to perpetually improve its future performance.
  • Proposing means and methods of developing and raising performance level and following up on executive work so that it achieves optimum use of available resources and meets the needs of the stakeholders public, and qualifies the Faculty to reach the accreditation stage
  • Winning the confidence of graduates, beneficiaries (from mass media institutions), and society in the outputs of the educational process and cooperating with them to improve graduates specifications in compliance with international standards and in line with job market requirements
  • Preparing the annual self-study of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations with the intent of presenting a comprehensive conceptualization of weaknesses, strengths, threats, and available possibilities in a way that helps to locate areas of improvement
  • Sharing in the preparation of the Faculty's strategic vision, mission, and objectives to achieve improvement of performance
  • Participating in laying down and improving academic references related to academic programs
  • Spreading and circulating publications and data meant to raise awareness of quality culture
  • Organizing and coordinating symposia, training courses, and workshops for faculty members, staff and students to let the Faculty community participate in development projects and create a public opinion that supports the quality project and discourages resistance to change.
  • Working and coordinating with program coordination committee to prepare a description and evaluation of programs and courses and submitting seasonal and annual reports
  • Following up on external and internal reviewers' reports in coordination with academic departments
  • Cooperating and coordinating with Quality Assurance Center of Cairo University in areas of training, follow-up and benefitting from the technical advice it offers
  • Preparing research work and questionnaires to recognize students' attitudes towards the educational process, define their future needs and prepare questionnaires to be addressed to media professionals working for national and private media institutions to know the needs of job market
  • Following up on graduates in coordination with the Unit of Training Alumni and the Society of Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations Alumni



Spreading Quality Culture

          Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations exerts every effort to spread developmental, modernizing vision inside the Faculty in various methods. The Unit organized some workshops to diffuse quality assurance culture which dealt with quality, international accreditation, field visits, the role of students in developmental projects, intellectual property rights, and how media professionals and academicians see graduates of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations. The Unit also organized seminars on strategic planning, electronic learning systems, and proposals to develop the administrative body.

A society of quality assurance friends will be set up whose objective is to spread quality assurance culture among students to raise the awareness of their colleagues of concepts of quality assurance, accreditation, the purposes of development projects at the Faculty and reinforcing students' participation in finding out requirements for the development and improvement necessary to raise performance quality at the Faculty. This will be done through some mechanisms foremost, issuing a periodic cultural bulletin that the students share in editing, distributing, and organizing frequent seminars and symposia. Students will share with their views. This is in addition to society's role in conducting questionnaires and surveys to recognize students' opinions on diverse issues and topics related to the Faculty and organization.


          The Unit’s Achievement

  • Giving an overall picture of the current status at the Faculty in all its positive and negative aspects, specifying strengths and weaknesses with the intent of presenting a comprehensive vision for improvement and development
  • Preparing reports on criteria of educational quality
  • Participating in building an electronic database for the Faculty that includes data on members and their C.V. s
  • Training the faculty members, assistant faculty members and staff
  • Updating and completing databases and documenting them electronically
  • Developing and updating programs and courses for undergraduates in compliance with national academic standards of the media sector
  • Organizing periodical symposia and meetings to diffuse quality assurance culture and requirements for accreditation
  • Expanding students’ participation in decisions, issues, and activities associated with their interests
  • Consolidating cooperation with media institutions and civil society organizations and external and internal reviewers as well as interested parties to produce a graduate who meets the needs of job market
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the role the Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations plays as a distinguished research and academic consulting institution
  • Supporting training programs internally and externally and reinforcing the relationship with Faculty alumni


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