It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the faculty of medicine in Nahda University.

The program of the medical school at Nahda University was designed in full cooperation with Medical University of Vienna international to produce a doctor who is a highly competent and scientifically literate clinician, equipped to practice patient-centered health care in a constantly changing modern world, with a foundation in the basic medical and social sciences.


Our program is a 5-year study followed by a 2-years training. The program was designed to be vertically and horizontally integrated, teaching basic and clinical sciences in an integrated fashion starting from first year. The University is equipped with state-of-the-art skills lab so students learn their hands-on skills in the preclinical phase


System based modules centered on the various organ systems of the body are taught in an integrated fashion through the first phase focusing on normal and abnormal structure, function and behavior, basic and clinical sciences.  Core clinical teaching blocks run in the second phase during which students are expected to apply their basic learning around the core clinical cases. More weight is given to more common diseases which affect our society.  Longitudinal modules including professionalism in medicine, Research, informatics and evidence based medicine and Clinical diagnostics run though out the program


We will be there for you, Nahda University staff will assist you in every way they can throughout your study at the faculty of medicine. College will always be one of the greatest phases of your lives, I hope you enjoy every minute of it, create the memories that you will always cherish, balance scientific and extracurricular activities and fulfill all of your dreams


Professor Dr. Tarek Ahmed Said

Professor of Plastic Surgery

Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Nahda University in Beni Suef


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