Health, Safety, Environment and Social Policy

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NUB acknowledges that its operations and activities have an influence on the environment, society, and economy.

With the adoption of this sustainability policy, the university pledges to act as a responsible corporate citizen and set an exemplary standard for sustainability through its commitment to exercising proper control over all its activities and managing its operations in ways that are economically feasible, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

The goal of NUB is to reach the highest levels of sustainability. By producing and disseminating the information needed for people to live sustainably on local, regional, and global scales, we aim to be a leader in research and teaching. We will operate in a manner that complies with or exceeds both the government’s sustainability guidelines for educational institutions and the benchmarks set by our peer universities. As we pursue our academic purpose, our objective is to establish ourselves as a model institution for sustainability for society. The University will make the transition to a more sustainable institution by utilizing the creativity and talent of its teachers, staff, and students.


This Policy applies to all academic procedures, facilities, and operations for all students, faculty members, professional staff, students, and suppliers.


The objectives of the Policy are as follows:

  1. to carry out the University’s activities and operations in a way that appropriately balances the needs and ambitions of the present and future generations of the NUB community and the larger society;
  2. promote sustainability inquiry through instruction, learning, research, and the university experience;
  3. disseminate information to spur creativity, increase awareness, and ensure that the NUB community participates effectively in the adoption of sustainable practices;
  4. promote economic efficiencies in the University’s operations that are consistent with social equity and environmental respect;
  5. adopt and apply the ‘3 R’ principle of to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all its activities
  6. encourage the creation of a productive, safe, and healthy work and learning environment for the NUB community;
  7. Advance individual and group efforts and accountability throughout NUB to make sustainability a priority in the life of the University;
  8. Reduce the amount of energy, water, and material resources used and consumed by NUB
  9. take into account the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the activities undertaken by or on behalf of the University in order to inform decision-


To ensure a structured and collaborative approach in support of this Policy, the University will produce action plans in support of the University’s climate and sustainability initiatives that involve all relevant university stakeholders. These action plans will outline programs and initiatives that will move the University closer to its sustainability goals.


NUB will report annually to its Board of Trustees and the community on progress toward achieving its sustainability goals.