About The Office

NUB established the International and Cultural Relations Office in 2009 to enhance the role of the university at the international level by building partnerships with other international universities and institutions. The office also develops educational programs and exchanges expertise and perspectives on the other. These activities contribute to the development of the academic programs and student mentality to reach optimal academic levels. The office is interested in signing memorandums of understanding with international and regional universities and organizing student delegation visits to exchange experiences and to promote students’ academic level.

Mission & Objectives

  • Increasing the knowledge related to the development of specialized academic and research programs at NUB.
  • Developing international cooperation programs that focus on sharpening the skills of the academic staff, assistants, and students, in addition to providing the suitable academic culture and learning opportunities.
  • Obtaining research and technology projects from local and international project sponsors.
  • Increasing opportunities for NUB academic staff, assistants, and students to continue learning at foreign universities and to benefit from scholarships in various specializations.
  • Utilizing educational expertise and modern teaching methods.
  • Gaining wider cultural interaction by means of student exchange programs
  • Improving and securing employment opportunities for graduates by means of participation in the global labor market.

NUB Academic Partnership

NUB partners with other institutions to provide rich learning experiences for students in Egypt and overseas. We engage with a broad range of international academic institutions to develop sustainable and multi-faceted partnerships that deliver quality learning, research and community engagement. We have an excellent track record in working collaboratively, and we constantly adapt to effectively align our practice with the fast-changing, national and international research and education landscape. Our academic partnerships enhance student learning, work experience opportunities and collaborative research. NUB has been welcoming students from overseas for many years. Whether you’d like to get your degree from NUB or spend an academic-semester here, we have options and courses that you’ll love. NUB is a recognized academic university that cultivates global culture. This includes giving its students the opportunity to continue their education at universities in other countries. It supports its researchers in global research teamwork with scientists in all disciplines. At the same time, it supports talented individuals from abroad who want to study at NUB or pursue their research here.

Partner Universities

We’re partnered with many universities from all around the world, giving our students the opportunity to study overseas in exchange for an academic term or to come to NUB from another university. Below is a complete list of our partner universities, however, each academic term available for study will vary, please contact NUB’s International Office for a list of universities available for the next intake.

NUB International Students Community

By choosing to study at NUB, you can be part of an outstanding university, known for offering quality education, capable of transforming society. We would like to welcome you to be a part of our international community. We offer a great place to be a student and a truly diverse community. So wherever you’re from, you’ll quickly start to make friends and feel at home. An international students’ orientation will welcome you to NUB and help you get settled on campus, and plan
for your first academic year. You can meet new people, build your network, and learn about Egyptian culture through NUB international students’ community. On-campus, you can access resources to help you improve your computer and language skills and achieve your academic goals.

Other services include:
• On-campus health services.
• Dormitories and dining halls.
• Plus, the dozens of services for all NUB students such as academic advising, counselling, sports, career advice, and more.

NUB is consistently positioned among the top institutions in Egypt for the quality of our teaching. We offer many undergraduate degree courses in Mass Communication, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Dentistry, and Medicine. In order to support your studies, you have access

to wide-ranging learning resources and up-to-date facilities, including online learning management systems and collections of digital libraries. Besides, our teaching staff includes faculty members graduated from national and world-renowned universities. Presently, NUB is hosting international students from many countries including Nigeria, China, Malaysia, Palestine, Iraq, Syria among other countries. In conclusion, NUB graduates from all disciplines go into a very wide range of occupations and are highly employable and greatly sought after due to the key transferable skills you develop and hone here.