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The Center of Continuing Education resembles a chain that connects the university to the community. The center allows the largest possible number of community members to benefit from the expertise, experiences, and resources available at NUB by introducing programs that develop the required skills and expertise and providing a supportive and encouraging environment, both theoretically and practically.

The center is one of the most important pillars for educational development and expertise management at NUB. It is entrusted with optimizing teaching, learning, and training methods to develop the capabilities of all parties involved in the educational process and benefit from academic expertise by offering advanced programs that develop the capabilities and skills of NUB faculty members and employees.

The center also provides advanced programs for academic and administrative leaders to improve their leadership performance and decision-making abilities—a step that brings benefit to the overall educational process. Similarly, the center presents effective programs and courses to adorn students with the essential academic, intellectual, and research skills.

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