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Scientific research is no longer limited to a group of scientists; it is nowadays an activity of many universities and research centers as it is the main power for progress and development. The postgraduate and research sector in Nahda University is planning to create and develop research plans that support society and help in improving the local environment. Nahda University developed a modality that encourages scientific research by providing financial rewards and supporting international publications. Also, Nahda University allows the participation in international and local scientific conferences.
The sector of postgraduate studies and scientific research aims to develop the sector through creating strategic plans for the scientific research and improving the scientific standard of the researchers in the university
Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research           


The NUB Scientific Research Center is one of the foundations that crystallize the university’s mission in education, scientific research and community service. The center consists of different specialized laboratories equipped with the most recent scientific and technological devices that carry out experiments, scientific and applied researches. NUB Research Center offers the opportunities to deliver students and young researchers the required research skills to participate in research projects funded nationally and internationally in order to solve the problems that face society and the labor market.


NUB Research Center plans to serve
the local, regional, and international
communities by participating with
others to conduct and publish
research for possible applications in
the appropriate community activities.


NUB Research Center is looking
forward to be one of the best
leading, authenticated and service
institutes in the field of advanced
scientific research so that it can
serve the community on national and
international levels continuously.

Research Center Objectives

  • Promoting the quality of scientific research at NUB in the different fields in a manner that attunes research to the nature and needs of our society.
  • Boosting NUB’s international ranking by publishing the scientific research that have been conducted at the university in international journals to raise the status of the university among international universities.
  • Achieving self-sufficiency in terms of faculty staff by conducting master’s and Ph.D. degrees in NUB Research Center accurately and efficiently.
  • Encouraging the research culture inside and outside the University by offering various courses and training workshops using the facilities available at the center.

NUB Research Centers

Nahda Continuing Education Center
Center for Arabic Studies
Educational and Research Centers
Pharma Research Center
Pharmaceutical Training Factory
English Language Unit
Aptech Computer Unit

Welcome To Nahda Continuing Education Center

The Center of Continuing Education resembles a chain that connects the university to the community. The center allows the largest possible number of community members to benefit from the expertise, experiences, and resources available at NUB by introducing programs that develop the required skills and expertise and providing a supportive and encouraging environment, both theoretically and practically.

The center is one of the most important pillars for educational development and expertise management at NUB. It is entrusted with optimizing teaching, learning, and training methods to develop the capabilities of all parties involved in the educational process and benefit from academic expertise by offering advanced programs that develop the capabilities and skills of NUB faculty members and employees.

The center also provides advanced programs for academic and administrative leaders to improve their leadership performance and decision-making abilities—a step that brings benefit to the overall educational process. Similarly, the center presents effective programs and courses to adorn students with the essential academic, intellectual, and research skills.