E-learning Support System 

Nahda University has set up an e-learning support system to help the student with educational knowledge and to engage student-teacher interaction daily via the internet. Course sites were created on the ELS link on the University's website.    The university aims to focus on the optimal use of the system to be one of the pillars of the educational processes at the university as well as a key element in increasing educational effectiveness. The university stresses the importance of all efforts to achieve this goal, which puts the university at the forefront of private universities aimed towards effective employment of technology to improve the educational process.    ELS achieves the following benefits for students: 

1. Full knowledge of all elements of the course including: 

1.1. Course Objectives 

1.2. Course Description 

1.3. Agenda   

1.4. Scientific subject, whether in the form of lectures or chapters of the book used or presentations Power Point or other forms and means of clarification. 

1.5. Assignments that the professor assigns to his students and the possibility of submitting them directly through the e-mail of the professor of the article and knowledge of its assessment and the degree obtained by the student. 

1.6. The exercises offered by the teacher to the students to train on some topics and techniques offered by the course. 

2. Provide students with the opportunity to communicate with faculty members in a continuous and direct way through the websites of the courses they study in each semester. 

3. The possibility of identifying the educational materials and aids that have been used in previous chapters. 

4. The course teacher continues with the students and guides them in the light of following up on their academic performance levels. 

5. Invest the location of each course to reflect the educational activity of students enrolled in the course.    Student duties for the ELS system: 

1. Visit the university website on the Internet on www.nub.edu.eg. Learn about ELS, how to deal with it, and peruse the User's Guide. 

2. Contact the University's IT Department to obtain your username and password to access the courses site where you are registered. 

3. Register itself in the course site using the username and password.   

4. Go to the Technical Support Department if there are any problems accessing the site and registering in any course. 

5. Communicate with the course by doing the following:  - Send an email to the course professor.  - Download the first lecture.  - Solve the first assignment and send it through the course website.  


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  • Hotline: 19206
  • Fax : 0822284688
  • Email : info@nub.edu.eg
  • Working Hours : Saturday- Wednesday 9 Am to 4 Pm
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