Dental Hospital

Since its establishment in 2007, The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine- Nahda University has played an important role in providing dental education and oral health services in Upper Egypt. Its educational dental hospital, located in the University's campus in Bani Sweif, is one of the largest dental hospitals in egypt. The undergraduate academic program meets the Egyptian standards of higher education in dentistry. It provides didactic, preclinical and clinical education for 1100 students by highly qualified professors and staff. The dental internship program, started in 2012, is qualifying for the Egyptian dental license. It has provided clinical training for 100 interns in its first year.
The hospital has a total of 200 dental chairs in four dental clinics. More than 35,000 patients have received free-of-charge dental treatment in different specialties since the inauguration of the educational hospital in 2010. 
Being a leading private university in Upper Egypt, the university is looking forward to establishing connections with leading international universities to achieve mutual benefit and enrich the quality of education and oral health service. 


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