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We live in the world, which is full of various means of mass media. Recent researches have proved that almost 69% of people are exposed to the different means of mass media and absorb their messages in almost every second of their daily lives. This exposure to the media has left profound impact on our lives to the extent that we are not wondering any more whether the messages we receive from the media are true or untrue. Day after day, media has become necessary and indispensable just like the air we breathe. We have become automatic receivers and senders of information in conscious and subconscious ways. In recent studies in the US, American teenagers were found spending 3 hours daily on digital means such as cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, emailing …etc. On the other side, some Egyptian studies show average time spent on the same digital means might be sometimes like 6 to 7 hours daily, which shows how important and effective the modern means of media are. Nevertheless, media is a mixed blessing at time, if the message or information conveyed through the media is not true or misleading, war can easily break out as a result.


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