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Al-Nahda University organizes a day for academic guidance and quality at the university

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Al-Nahda University organized a day for academic guidance and the quality of the educational process, in the presence of staff and the supporting staff in all faculties of the university, on academic guidance and quality, and the university’s future vision for developing the relationship between the university and its students, in the presence of the university president, and the vice presidents.

The meeting began with a speech by Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Mallahi, President of the University, who stressed that Al-Nahda University is advancing its society and its children in a tangible and clear manner, and praised everyone’s efforts, which became clear to all of Egypt, and also stressed that the University is working to improve the infrastructure and work to raise quality in everything. The most important of which is related to the human being. At the end of his speech, he offered my highest thanks and appreciation to the members of the teaching and auxiliary bodies, describing them as role models.

In the speech of Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, he stressed that the university is proceeding with a confident pace towards accrediting the quality of the faculties and their programs at the local and international levels.

Then, Dr. Suzan Seif gave a brief presentation on the concept of academic guidance and emphasized that it is not only related to registration, but the main objective of academic guidance is to help students focus and know their way inside the university, and to engage in other activities besides studying, and to graduate students with an open-mindedness capable of making various decisions; She stressed the importance of academic guidance for all students, each according to his needs, even the outstanding students.

She also clarified that the academic guidance system consists of the student, and the academic advisor, who must be a member of the faculty to ensure the availability of the element of experience, whose role includes introducing students to the regulations of the university and its college, the examination system, attendance and absence, registration of schedules, developing a study plan for students, and introducing them to activities The available students at the university and attention to international students, and the Academic Guidance Committee that is formed by a decision of the Dean of the College and is affiliated with the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, whose role is to follow-up and submit a report that includes all that has been implemented and what is required to be done to achieve the students’ interest.

Dr. Haymn Zain al-Abidin, who is responsible for quality at the university, also spoke and explained that the basic criterion in all educational institutions is students and graduates, and this is what directs us towards paying attention to all activities and services provided to students and graduates to achieve quality on the ground.

Dr. Marwa Sayed and Eng. Mohamed Khaled talked about future plans to develop performance in English language and computer Aptech, the importance of early registration for students, and the need for communication between Aptech, academic guidance and student affairs.

Then a discussion was opened between the university’s guidance and quality officials and faculty members regarding their inquiries about expanding the role of academic guidance.

In conclusion, Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, announced that the university would create a new service for parents in which direct communication would take place between the spiritual father of the student at the university and his guardian, based on the vision of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – the university president, of the need to build a student at Al-Nahda University. And it’s not just about the educational process.

Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of Al-Nahda University during his speech

Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

Dr. Suzan Seif – Dean of the College of Oral and Dental Medicine

Extensive talk about academic guidance

Dr. Hyman Zain Al-Abidin and talking about quality and achieving it on the ground

Dr. Marwa Sayed and Eng. Mohamed Khaled and a talk about

Performance development in Aptech English and Aptech for computer

A part of the discussions of the staff about the work mechanism

Within the future academic advising system

A section of the attendees