Amazing Experiences


NUB was established at the center of East New Beni Suef City, just up the Cairo-Beni Suef road. The moment we perceived how much attention education needs, especially in Upper Egypt, is the same moment we realized that our dream to build NUB is attainable. A university is a place to nurture youth and prepare educated generations to whom we can entrust the development of our beloved homeland. Adopting the most advanced education methodologies to build open-minded generations who can compete in different labor markets, NUB truly presents a model to be emulated. NUB offers diversified studies that cover the most important technical, academic, and specialized work sectors. Our academic staff is eminent scholars who implement up-to-date scientific and academic education methods that enable students to fully comprehend their subjects and apply their lessons effectively at work. NUB is not just a place for academic studies, but more of a hub for development where we cultivate students’ intellectual skills and empower them to excel in research, academia, and social work. NUB provides its students with state-of-the-art education tools and prepares them for their mission as development leaders by means of programs that promote their creativity, build upon their skills, and enrich their minds.

We Develop Humans

NUB is the first private university in Upper Egypt. It was established in 2006 by virtue of a republican decree through the efforts of its professors to develop the minds of youth in Upper Egypt and create a generation that can contribute to the progress of the society.

NUB Achievements

We are dedicated to a better learning experience, a better generation

On the educational level: NUB introduces the Credit Hours System as an advanced certification system that helps students achieve excellence.
On the environmental level: NUB is recognizable for the cleanness of the place and the interest and care given to the surrounding environment.
On the activities level: NUB provides unprecedented attention to all kinds of activities that invest in talents and encourage excellence.
On the external representation level: University students achieved honorable results in all the fields they participated in. They were truly the best NUB ambassadors on both national and international levels.
On the academic staff level: NUB appoints distinguished professors who received their degrees from foreign universities and scholars who have taught at renowned international universities.
On the systematic level: NUB applies an electronic fingerprint system to monitor the attendance /absence of the academic staff and students.
On the labor market level: 84% of NUB graduates enroll in prestigious posts in the labor market within the first 6 months from graduation.
On the academic and research level: NUB students participate in academic and research competitions as well as in national and international conferences all over Egypt.
On the student exchange level: During their years of study at NUB, students receive theoretical and practical training at some Arab and foreign universities.
On the results record level: NUB achieves outstanding results in all specializations. NUB provides a modern and advanced educational environment that yields the highest results by offering innovative and advanced academic programs.