Our Programs

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Duration of Study:

• Five years + one-year obligatory training

Credit Hours:

• 196 hours

• All courses are conducted in English


The faculty grants students a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and has one program that contains seven scientific departments:

  • Basic Science
  • Physical Therapy For Internal Medicine
  • Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Surgery
  • Physical Therapy for Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Physical Therapy for Pediatrics and its Surgery
  • Physical Therapy for Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Physical Therapy for Surgery and Burn



•The Faculty of Physical Therapy at NUB follows national and international norms and standards in higher education.

•The Faculty adopts modern teaching and learning methods.

•The Faculty Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to train our students to use the latest treatment protocols adopted worldwide for various diseases. To provide our community with a highly qualifi ed physical therapist who can apply the highest quality of patient care in Egypt and anywhere else in the world.

•The Faculty is staffed by a distinguished and selected group of internationally experienced faculty members who have worked together to create a unique faculty of Physical-Therapy at NUB that follows international standards in the curriculum, building, and laboratories.

•The Faculty has centralized research laboratories for anatomy, physiology, tissues, biochemistry, biophysics, computer science, pediatric, heart, mortality, electrotherapy, electrodiagnostic, hydrotherapy, motion analysis, therapeutic exercise, measurement, and manual therapy.

•The NUB Faculty of Physical Therapy is working on an affi liation program with one of the world-class Physiotherapy Colleges in California, USA. Through which the two parties can exchange faculty and students.

•At the Faculty of Physical Therapy, we were able to operate and coordinate with one of the largest recruitment organizations in the European health profession. Similar efforts were made in the Middle East to review the program and make sure they were satisfi ed with our plans and the study and training design at the Faculty of Physical Therapy at NUB. We are currently in the fi nal stage of agreeing on very different job opportunities for our graduates in Europe and the Middle East.

•The Faculty of Physical Therapy at NUB aims to organize national and international conferences for physiotherapy that encourages students of NUB to participate in these conferences to gain knowledge and experiences and encourage.


The Faculty of Physical Therapy – Nahda University seeks to provide all scientific and practical knowledge and skills to students as well as to develop effective educational means and media in order to graduate specialists who are able to provide high-quality therapist, researcher, and community services provider who can participate and compete effectively in the health field, performance alongside their colleagues in the health field regionally, and internationally.


Development and improving the profession of physical therapy in all specialty, so that the graduate will be able to compete in the job market regionally and internationally and applying the best quality of care to our patients.