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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Academic Departments and Divisions/ Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Nahda University in Beni Suef:


  • Studying at the faculty is based on practical academic study, in addition to practical field training and practical projects


  • Decor (DEC)

It includes an art study for the latest programs, trends, art schools, architecture design, home and hotel decoration, interior design, fashion and scenography for cinema, theater, and television.

It includes the following divisions:

o Interior Architecture

o   Sinographia



  • Visual Communication (DVC)


A study of the latest technological systems and specialized programs in the animation film industry, photography, graphic design, media design, animation and media and communication arts programs.

It includes the following divisions:

  • Graphic design program
  • Media and Communication Arts Program
  • Animated Films.


  • Department of Visual Arts (DVA)

It includes a study of the various fine arts concepts of sculpture, ceramics, pottery, and mosaic art, engraving and artistic printing, and the urging trends of digital and manual book art, with an emphasis on the artistic and commercial application of these arts using the latest programs, trends, and art schools.

It includes the following divisions:

o Sculpture and installation program

o Drawing and painting program

o Illustrations and Print Design program (Book Design)



Conditions and rules for admission to the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Nahda University in Beni Suef:

  • Enrollment in the faculty is allowed for:
  • Those with a high school Certificate:

First: A recent high school or its equivalent, who were distributed at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Nahda University through:

  1. Coordination Office for University Admission
  2. Direct admission
  3. Transfers from other Faculties and according to the admission requirements specified by each department.

Second: International Students:

  1. International students are accepted from all countries after the approval of the General Administration of Expatriates and the competent authorities in the country of delegation.


Third: Faculty rules:

  1. The applicant must have a high school certificate (recent) or its equivalent that qualifies him to join the faculty.
  2. Pass the aptitude tests determined by the faculty.

Fourth: Conditions for Departments:

  1. Enrollment in the decor department is limited to students who have obtained a high school certificate (recent) or its equivalent, from studying scientific section, Mathematics, or sciences.
  2. Enrollment in the rest of the departments is available for students who have a high school certificate (Recent) or its equivalent, in all its Divisions (literary section- scientific section, sciences / Mathematics).

Fifth: Expenses:

  1. The prescribed tuition fees for the courses in which the student registers are collected at the beginning of each semester, and the student’s registration is not considered final until after the payment of the fees.

Sixth: Study Duration:

  1. The minimum study period is 4 years (eight semesters) + a summer semester of practical training + a semester

Seventh: The academic system and credit hours

  1. The study system is based on credit hours.


Eighth: Conditions for obtaining a bachelor’s degree

  1. The student must pass 160 credit hours, with an average of not less than 2.00.
  2. Submit a graduation project. The student does not graduate until he fulfills the conditions for success in the project.
  3. For graduation, it is required to prepare a graduation project in the student’s exact specialization as one of the compulsory graduation requirements. The student may not start preparing the project until after completing all the basic courses.

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