Vision & Mission

NUB QAC is a specialized entity responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring and developing the quality assurance process. It also supervises quality assurance units at NUB faculties. Overseeing introduction and spreading the culture of quality assurance at the University, QAC works hard on improving the quality of the educational process and scientific research. Members of NUB must ensure that all their activities meet the targeted quality concepts the university aims to adopt in serving students, scientific research, and community.
Quality Assurance Center seeks to implement quality systems in all NUB faculties and organizational structures, including all academic, research, and administrative processes and community services.
This implementation should comply with the national and international standards for the university to achieve its mission and receive national and international accreditation.
• Developing the general plan for implementing the QA system in NUB and its faculties, developing quality assurance units in these faculties, and providing the needed training for its members.
• Developing awareness programs that spread the concept and culture of quality assurance among NUB members.
• Conducting SWOT studies and presenting their results to the Higher Committee for Quality Assurance at the University.
• Conducting self assessments in accordance with the rules and mechanisms approved by National Authority for Quality.
• Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAA).
• Monitoring strategic planning processes and ensuring compliance with quality standards.
• Preparing the qualification plan for institutional and programmatic accreditations in accordance with the system and procedures approved by NAQAA.
• Supporting NUB faculties and administrative units to apply quality standards.
• Establishing reciprocal relations with quality assurance and accreditation bodies and organizations at the regional and international levels.