Our Programs



Credit Hours:

• 160 Hours

• All courses are conducted in English


The faculty grants students a bachelor’s degree in the following areas:

• Civil Engineering.

• Architectural Engineering.

• Electrical Engineering (Communications and Computer Engineering).

• Mechatronics Engineering.

• Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering.

• Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Production Division).



The Faculty of Engineering at NUB provides outstanding engineering educational and research services that meet the highest quality standards by enhancing student creativity, teaching and learning through:

• Strengthening the capabilities of our graduate engineers with scientific skills, professional knowledge and ethical values.

• Training our graduates to keep abreast of rapid technological changes to lead the development of society,
as well as the surrounding environment.

• Providing technical laboratories with the latest equipment to support university students in conducting applied
research and quality tests on national projects.

• Production workshops to train university students on various technical machinery and tools to produce market requirements.

• Hosting an Engineering advisory center that provides consultancy services, training and research in various engineering fields.



Faculty of Engineering is aiming to be a premier engineering institute in the Arab world and Africa via promoting creativity and embracing innovation in education and research services with International Standards to serve the Community to reach sustainable development plans.


The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing contemporary academic programs that develop the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills of our graduates to be qualified to instills entrepreneurship on local, Arabic and international market. The Faculty is also committed to apply the Quality Standards in all academic and services activities.


Strategic Objects

• Attracting distinguished faculty members and researchers in various engineering fields.

• Development of skills and capabilities of faculty Staff.

• Improving the educational environment to encourage faculty members, researchers and students on innovation, respecting for the
time and feeling Job satisfaction.

• Revaluing credibility and ethics where the faculty staff and teaching assistants being as a role model for students to follow noble
human values.

• continuous development of educational programs to meet the requirements of the labor market through various types of learning,
teaching and evaluation for students.

• Graduating students to be high qualified engineers and good scientific researcher capable of leading and developing
society for various engineering fields.

• Motivation of staff, researcher and students to do a research projects and linking it with industrial environment.

• Doing protocols with local and international universities for postgrads studies, research and student exchanging.

• Development of faculty management systems and academic departments


Monthly Achievement Reports: