Mission & Objectives

NUB Welfare and Students’ Activities Office aims to enhance the intellectual and artistic production of young people and provide them with opportunities for creativity.

NUB directs it to support the following activities:

  • Training students on leadership and giving them the opportunity to express their opinions, while developing their spiritual and moral values.
  • Presenting many seminars and lectures that are conducted by VIPs and public figures in various fields to broaden students’ knowledge in all aspects of life.
  • Spreading the spirit of belonging and loyalty among students.
  • Discovering students’ talents, abilities and creative skills, and working on cultivating and encouraging them.
  • Forming student societies and providing assistance and technical support to students in all activities
  • Organizing and developing sports, social scouting, artistic, cultural, and academic activities and encouraging the distinguished students.
  • Practicing sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis in the indoor and outdoor sports field

Transportation Facilities at NUB

NUB operates a fleet of modern buses to provide safe transportation to and from the university, connecting it to Cairo and many other major cities, as well as villages nearby. Ideally situated at the entrance of the New Beni Suef City and on Cairo – Beni Suef Road’s starting point, NUB is easily accessible through various major roads and means of transportation, providing a hassle-free experience where convenience is key.
For students living outside of Beni Suef, NUB provides direct transportation from different points of arrival such as train stations, buses and taxis, as well as from Cairo and nearby cities of Beni Suef.

Medical Care for NUB Students

At NUB, students’ health is our top priority. Therefore, the university has a fully equipped 24-hour medical clinic, managed by a dedicated team of professionals, available around the clock to receive any urgent cases that require utmost care. Moreover, NUB provides health insurance to students in unexpected cases of accidents by contracting a reputable hospital as its emergency arm.