Our Programs

Business Administration

Business Administration

Duration of Study:
• Five years

Credit Hours:

• 122 hours
• All courses are conducted in English


• English Department
• Arabic Department



The faculty grants students a bachelor’s degree in the following fields:

• Business Administration
• Accounting
• Marketing and E-Commerce
• Banking and Capital Markets Management


Why Join Business Administration?

The faculty of Business Administration at NUB occupies a prominent position as an academic center specializing in the following fields:
• Marketing
• Business Administration
• Administrative Information Systems
• Banking Management
• Money Market Studies

Our goal is to compete in the labor market by providing distinguished educational opportunities that meet national standards training and consulting services that meet the needs of society.

A cooperation protocol has been signed with the Egyptian Banking Institute for the Qualification of NUB Students and Graduates with the skills required for the labor market through the “Training for Employment Program”.

Where the student obtains a certificate accredited by the Egyptian Banking Institute and signed by the President of the Central Bank.
A highly recommended certificate for employment in banks and multinational companies.

An additional cooperation protocol has also been signed with the Project Development Agency (MSME) to provide financial
and non-financial support to NUB students in their graduation projects and to finance the most innovative projects.

The faculty also has an Entrepreneur and Small Business Center to train NUB students on corporate entrepreneurial thinking and business incubators.

In addition to the adoption of various university-based automation systems such as NUB portal, paperless, ELS, attendance reports, and the Egyptian university research libraries.

Dean Speech:

Dear students… Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration at the prestigious Al-Nahda University, which is one of the most prominent beacons of the renaissance of science in Egypt.

The faculty aims to be your partner in achieving your educational and career goals, from academic and professional needs to personal development. The Faculty of Business Administration strives to provide its students with the resources and support they need throughout this important stage of their lives, giving them competitive advantages that make them more prepared and qualified for the labor market, by offering distinguished educational programs in partnership with the most prestigious American universities.

In the context of achieving integration between the faculty of Business Administration as an educational institution and the specialized professional institutions, the faculty seeks to achieve the quality of the educational process and link it to reality. The Faculty has concluded a number of partnerships and training protocols with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and a number of banks, in addition to establishing a center for entrepreneurship aimed at consolidating the idea of entrepreneurship among facultyh graduates.


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fathi Elkhadrawi



Faculty of Business Administration seeks to be distinguished and pioneer in the field of business administration, to achieve a competitive position in providing modern educational services and scientific research, and to take the initiative in serving the community by achieving sustainable development plans locally and regionally.


Faculty of Business Administration introduces contemporary learning programs in order to prepare qualified graduates who meet the requirements of the labor market, to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and to provide the appropriate climate as a research, and a consultation center to fulfill the needs of the society and environment within the framework of sustainable development and Egypt’s 2030 strategy.

Strategic Objectives of the Faculty of Business Administration:

The first strategic goal: Excellence in teaching and learning.

The first strategic objective: Raising the efficiency of administrative and academic performance to provide high quality educational services.

The Second Strategic Objective: Developing a modern and advanced educational infrastructure.

Third Strategic Objective: Providing modern educational programs and developing existing programs to qualify students for the labor market personally, skillfully and behaviorally.

Fourth Strategic Objective: Increasing the effectiveness of student services and alumni support.

The second strategic goal: considering scientific research as a first priority to keep pace with the needs of the labor market.

The Fifth Strategic Objective: Increasing research production in accordance with Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030.

The Sixth Strategic Objective: Offering various postgraduate programs that meet the needs of beneficiaries.


The Third Strategic Goal: Enhancing community participation and adopting more effective roles to serve the environment and sustainable development.

The Seventh Strategic Objective: Activate community participation and meet the needs of the surrounding environment.

The fourth strategic goal: Adopting entrepreneurial way and supporting graduates’ attitudes towards Freelancing.

The eighth strategic objective: Activating the activity of the Entrepreneurship Center as a training and advisory unit for those wishing to lead their own projects inside and outside the university.