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Student Activities

Universities are more than a place to pursue higher education, They are places for academic learning and a place for cultural, social, and artistic student engagement with the aim of enriching the students’ university life through stimulating their talents and capabilities in cultural, athletic, social, and artistic fields.

At NUB, student families, clubs and societies aim at consolidating and strengthening ties among students and build relationships between students and Faculty members. It also helps students implement activities that cater to their desires and aspirations and plays a great role in instilling the spirit of belonging to the student family or society as well as to the university.

NUB encourages all forms of organized student activities given the following:

  • Name of student family, club, or society should stem from the idea behind its formation and not from the names of its leaders or a repetition of already registered external or internal activities.
  • Names of founding members of any student body must be submitted to the Students Services and Welfare Department for approval of process and registration.
  • Each student body – student family, club, or society – must include in its membership a number of Faculty members in addition to students.
  • Each student body must have a quarterly plan and an annual plan for its activities in order to be supported by NUB Student Services and Welfare Department and to facilitate the coordination between different student bodies at NUB.

Social Activities and trips

These activities are planned and implemented with the coordination of NUB Student Union and aims at developing social bonds between students and between students and faculty members and instills the spirit of cooperation and team building.

Activities include field academic trips, recreational trips, camps, recreational group activities, parties, contests, and others.

Arts and Literary Activities

We aim at discovering and developing students’ artisitic talents, such as individual and band singing, playing different music instruments, acting and performing, and plastic art. NUB supports these activities through different contests and facilitating the use of its facilities such as NUB radio, NUB television, NUB theater, and other facilities for students’ use and rehearsals.

Sports Activities

NUB supports all sports related activities for all its students through:

  • A state-of-the-art equipped gym.
  • Outdoors sports fields for the practice of different sports
  • Formation of different sports teams at the level of the student union sports committee, faculty level, and university level and organizes matches and tournaments at the university level as well as the participation in different contest outside the university.
  • Cooperation agreements between the university and renowned sports national clubs.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities provide opportunities for students to freely express their views and opinions about public and community issues and participate in solving problems. Cultural activities also provide the opportunity for creative students in various fields of literature including poetry, short story and fiction story writing as well as other forms of arts such as music and painting.

NUB Students Union :

List of Student Clubs & Societies at El-Nahda University in Beni Suef .

  1. FEKRA L Bokra club
  2. Football club, Video
  3. Guiter learning club
  4. Handball club
  5. Singing club
  6. Eagles club
  7. Black and white club
  8. Scientific club
  9. Photography club
  10. Music club
  11. Painting club
  12. Social club
  13. Press club
  14. Step  Nub club
  15. Dental scientific club
  16. Chaplin campus club
  17. Tedx club
  18. Cs club
  19. Business club
  20. Artistic club
  21. Sports club
  22. Cultural club
  23. EPSEF club Link1 Link2 Link3
  24. Nemsa Nub club 
  25. Talent club
  26. X-change Nub club
  27. EADS Club
  28. En3kas Club
  29. Trip club
  30. Icpc nub
  31. Theatre Club

Men Agl Misr NUB club:

Men Agl Misr is a student activity that was established with the main objectives of

  1. Improving the students’ skills through a variety of activities.
  2. Providing community services to achieve mutual benefits for the students and the community.

The overall aim of the MRSA group is to create a strong scientific environment at Nahda University through encouraging undergraduate students to participate in scientific research and doing practical research experiments under the supervision of university staff.

NUB – Volleyball Club provides students with high-level technical skills training and tactical instructions in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth and development and a passion for the game of volleyball.

Formerly known as SIFE Nahda University , Enactus-NUB is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

College basketball has influenced many other areas outside of the sports industry. Basketball club helps students to be highly disciplined through experiencing many obligations. Luckily, college basketball teaches players discipline and responsibility and prepares them for all the challenges that lie ahead.

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