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Cooperation Protocol and partnership in the administration of Technology Innovation commercialization office (TICO) at Al-Nahda University and Beni Suef Governorate

Based on the role of Al-Nahda University as an educational and research institution that seeks to contribute to the advancement of its environment and society and solving its problems. Dr. Hossam El-Mallahy, President of Al-Nahda University, signed on Sunday 4/4/2021 a cooperation protocol with Dr. Mohammad Hani Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Suef for cooperation and participation in the administration of Technology Innovation commercialization office (TICO) at the university, the protocol signed at the governorate council, in the presence of a number of university and governorate leaders.

The office work depends on enumerating the problems of the society (agricultural – ecological – industrial …) in Beni Suef in particular and Upper Egypt in general, and directing the research plan of the university and researchers to find innovative solutions to these problems, then protecting these innovations and inventions and marketing them to the beneficiaries and implementing agencies.

Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahy stated that this series of diligent work, in order to achieve the desired success, must start and end with the Governorate Council. In order for the governorate’s role and its ambitious plans to be integrated with the existing scientific research system at Al-Nahda University and its financial capabilities represented in its distinguished infrastructure in various medical and scientific fields, and her exceptional mental capabilities have attested to her competence in scientific conferences and forums through research and inventions that they contribute.

Eng. Mohamed El-Rashidy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Nahda University, also expressed his happiness with the fruitful partnership and cooperation between the TICO office in NUB and the governorate, which will inevitably lead to pushing the locomotive of the national economy based on the knowledge economy and bridging the large gap between scientific research and society, by increasing Egypt’s productivity of scientific research Realistic, applicable and transfer of this research from the places of its production to the places of its application.

It is worth noting that the contract of Nahda University to establish Technology Innovation commercialization office (TICO), came through the generous initiative launched by the Academy of Scientific Research to activate the role of scientific research in community service, by linking its outputs to industry, agriculture, commerce, services and etc. So that its role permeates and is positively reflected in all aspects of life.

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