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The African Accounting and Finance Association (AAFA), established in 2011, is Africa’s leading accounting and finance association. One of the distinguishing features of AAFA is to embrace all African regions (including Anglophone and Francophone contexts) and for the first time will provide an opportunity for contributors in the Arabic language to participate and engage with scholars from across the continent and diaspora.

Key dates

  • Deadline for conference papers: Friday, 29th April 2022
  • Notification of acceptance for conference and emerging scholar colloquium submissions: Tuesday 31st May 2022
  • Early bird registration: Thursday, 30th June 2022
  • Final date for registration: Monday, 1st August 2022
  • Emerging Scholar’s Colloquium: Monday, 5th September 2022
  • Main Conference: 6th-8th September 2022

For more details please download the attached file.

اعلان هام

على الطلاب الذين لم يقوموا بتسليم نموذج 6أو7جند ونموذج 2جند وصورة الرقم القومي سرعة إحضارهم من مكتب تعبئة وتجنيد بني سويف بمقر المحافظة شرق النيل وتسليمهم لمكتب شئون الطلاب بالكلية بحد أقصى يوم السبت الموافق 03-06-2023 وذلك لعمل التأجيلات الدراسية للطلاب الراغبين في السفر خلال إجازة نهاية العام الدراسي 2022-2023