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Faculty of Engineering, Nahda University, has obtained accreditation from The Arab Commission For Accreditation in Engineering And Technology (ACAET)

In May 2023, the Faculty of Engineering at Al Nahda University received accreditation from The Arab Commission for Accreditation in Engineering and Technology (ACAET), for three engineering programs: Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Telecommunications and Computers Engineering. The accreditation is valid for four years until 2026, and it allows graduates from the Faculty of Engineering to work in Kuwait and various Arab countries.

This came as an effort by Nahda University to enhance the connection of its students with the job market in Egypt and all Arab and foreign countries. It was based on a recommendation from Professor Hossam El-Mallahy, the university president, and Professor Magdy Abdelkader, the vice president for education and student affairs. The Faculty of Engineering, under the leadership of Professor Salem El-Khodari, the dean of the faculty, and Professor Sayed Abdelkader, the vice dean of the faculty, appointed Dr. Mohamed Saad, the director of the Quality Unit at the faculty, to initiate the accreditation procedures for the Faculty of Engineering, which was submitted for accreditation in July 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Nahda University was keen to send a high-level delegation in March 2022, led by Professor Dr. Magdy Abdelkader, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and including Mr. Mohamed Azzam, Director of Human Resources Administration at the university, and Ms. Rania Sayed, Director of the President’s Office. The delegation visited the Ministry of Higher Education in the sisterly state of Kuwait and the Kuwait Association of Engineering and Dentistry to discuss the accreditation procedures for graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Nahda University in Kuwait.