Our Programs

Mass Communication



A promising Egyptian Faculty that strives for universality and presents a new model for the preparation and gratification of modern media student that combines general and specialized knowledge, as well as cognitive and technological skills, critical thinking and problem solving, based on a system of values and ethics. This is through applying national and international standards in teaching Mass Communication, in order to achieve an advanced scientific position in the field of media, education and scientific research and to employ science, knowledge and latest media technology to serve the community in order to achieve sustainable development.


The Faculty works on preparing and building media cadres qualified scientifically, practically and morally, committed in all fields of traditional and new media, in a way that contributes to supporting the |Egyptian media system at all levels and national, Arab and African orientations. And that is through providing an integrated and distinct study program that develops the cognitive, skill and behavioral aspects of students and keeps pace with Arab and international scientific and academic developments. And to apply international quality standards in a competitive atmosphere in which students are encouraged to excel, creativity and critical thinking, armed with the academic and professional standards necessary in their lives, which enable them to practice media work with high professional and academic standards.