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Students of the Faculty of Computer Science at Al-Nahda University in a visit to The Egyptian Aviation Academy

The Faculty of Computer Science at Al-Nahda University, organized a visit to The Egyptian Aviation Academy on Wednesday April 7, 2021, in which the students were accompanied by a number of faculty staff, during which the students visited the various colleges of the Academy such as: the College of Civil Aviation, the College of Air Control, and the College of Specialized Studies.

The visit also included attending an introductory lecture on the Egyptian Aviation Academy, followed by a visit to the aircraft hangar, experimenting with the simulation system for teaching flight, and getting acquainted with the air navigation systems and the technology used by them.

This visit came to activate the cooperation protocol between the faculty of Computer Science at Nahda University and The Egyptian Aviation Academy, and based on the faculty’s constant endeavor to expand the umbrella of the community role of Al-nahda University, including the college’s participation with local external bodies. 

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science with Captain Pilot / Shams Ali inside the aircraft hangar

During the student’s tour inside the academy  office and learn about air navigation systems

An introductory lecture on The Egyptian Aviation Academy

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