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Students of the Faculty of Engineering, NUB, on a scientific trip to the “ESKRA AMCO Energy Measurement” plant on the 10th of Ramadan

Based on the keenness of NUB to link the scientific aspect to the practical aspect, and to achieve the most benefit for students, and the graduation of engineers with scientific and practical skills to keep pace with the development of the labor market, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of NUB, and Prof. Dr. Salem Al-Khodri – Dean of the Faculty Engineering, the Department of Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, NUB, headed by Dr. Mohammed Saad , Head of the Department, and supervised by Dr. Hassan Mahmoud – former First Deputy Minister of Electricity and teacher in the Department of Energy on Thursday, December 31, 2020 scientific trip for students of the first division department Energy for The Swedish Electric Group’s ISKRA AMCO Power Measurement Plant, which produces prepaid and smart electricity and water meters in the city of 10th Ramadan.

The students were greeted by Mr. Khalid Mustafa, Director of Public Relations at the factory, and Engineer Mohammed Osman, Director of Quality at the factory, and Mr. Khalid gave a lecture introducing the establishment of the factory, production lines and factory activities such as the manufacture of measuring devices, which include electric, mechanical and electronic meters, connected communication networks, water meters, gas meters, supplies, accessories and components, cable production lines and electrical insulators.

The students toured all sections of the factory, and its production lines at various stages, and listened to an explanation about the factory, and it was pointed out that the factory includes 1,000 workers with an Egyptian employment rate of 100%, and the production capacity of the plant is 3 million meters per year, and exports account for 60% of total sales targeting European and African markets, and the company’s exports are estimated at 50 million euros per year.

Students were also introduced to the preventive measures adopted in the light of efforts to confront the new coronavirus, through the availability of heat meters on the factory door, sanitization and disinfection requirements at each location, the commitment of all workers to wear muzzles, and work according to shifts that allow a safe density of employment, in order to achieve the requirements of safety and public health during this stage.