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Students of the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Nahda University, on a tourist educational tour at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Al-Nahda University organized a scientific visit for a delegation of students from the Faculty of Human Medicine to the International Medical University of Vienna in Austria, for the students to start an touristic educational tour, during which they inspected a number of medical and health facilities in Vienna under the joint supervision of the Universities of Al-Nahda and Vienna, Within the framework of the educational partnership of Al-Nahda University with the Vienna International Medical University, By which the student gets many privileges, including joining a summer clinical training at the hands of the best physicians in Europe, and at the Vienna University Hospital.

Students of the Faculty of Human Medicine received their clinical training at the University of Vienna, To learn about the latest methods of providing health service in the world, which will provide our students with greater competitive opportunities after their graduation.

The Faculty of Medicine at Al-Nahda University offers the best educational service in Egypt through a distinguished study program that includes 35 departments, completely designed in cooperation with the prestigious Vienna Medical University, which is ranked among the best medical colleges in the world, and soon, the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Nahda University, will include the largest teaching hospital in the governorates of Upper Egypt, to provide greater opportunities for preparing its students for the local and international labour market.