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The Faculty of Engineering meets IHRDC Development and Training

Under the auspices of Dr. Hossam Al-Malahi, President of NUB,  Prof. Salem Mahmoud Al Khodri, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering met the delegation of experts of the American company IHRDC on Monday, December 14, 2020, in the presence of a number of heads of scientific departments and committee heads of the College.

The scientific and training activity , objectives and vision of the IHRDC Group in developing practical skills for human resources development have been reviewed by offering global training courses, long-term programs, short programs, detailed programs for students, graduates and workers in industrial and practical fields at all levels – and providing the student with global practical skills that help him compete and join high and global positions.

Prof. Dr. Salem Al Khodri, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, talked about the possibility of maximizing the benefits of college students through the high skill courses of the IHRDC group by linking the scientific side with the practical aspect to achieve the highest benefit for students to prepare graduate engineers with scientific and practical skills to keep pace with the development of the global labor market.

Prof. Marwa Hassan, Regional Director, spoke about the programs they have presented in several countries in Gambia, South Africa and Oman, and provided a detailed explanation to the faculty members of the programs and their importance in developing skills, clarifying labour market visions and opening up global horizons for students.

After a brainstorming session that lasted nearly two hours between the Dari group and the faculty members of the College, Prof. Salem Al Khodri, Dean of the Faculty, made a number of suggestions to receive the approval of the audience, chief among them: 

1- The proposal that IHRDC Development and Training Company attract an American university that adopts a new section in addition to the departments of the Faculty of Engineering – NUB, which is the department of petroleum engineering.

2- Proposal to support scientific courses, especially courses that have practical lessons through the programs provided by IHRDC international group in all departments of the college, and at all levels of study with a focus on graduate students, starting from the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021 after the completion of the signing of the protocol with the senior management of the university.

The Dean of the Faculty confirmed that these proposals are aimed at not compromising the list of courses and the number of hours of study. The group should give a lecture to the students and the faculty and the auxiliary staff to provide further clarification and awareness of the participants and beneficiaries of these programs and will not affect the academic rate of the student until the students are assured of it and then interact with it to maximize the preparation of a global graduate keeping pace with the labor market.