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The Faculty of Mass Communication and Public Relations on a field Trip to Youm 7 Foundation

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of Al-Nahda University, and Prof. Dr. Yasser El-Sherbiny – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Adel Abdel-Ghaffar – Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications and Public Relations, the faculty organized a field Trip to the Site of the “Youm 7” Foundation, including a delegation from The Faculty of Mass Communication headed by Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar – Dean of the Faculty, and a number of Staff and students, to see the nature of work in the printed newspaper, its electronic version and the press news course, and to get acquainted with the site sections and specialized sites (Cairo Dar, Video 7, Parliament, Super Kora), in addition to Youm 7  TV.

The student delegation listened to the explanation of the journalist, Mohamed Tharwat – President of Youm 7 Academy, about the services provided by the website to the reader, in addition to the press news journey from the editor to the broadcast on the site. Tharwat discussed with the delegation of the Faculty of Mass communication the future of electronic media and the relationship between the paper and electronic newspaper, the extent to which media faculties meet the needs of the labor market, and the interviewer specifications in the future.

اعلان هام

على الطلاب الذين لم يقوموا بتسليم نموذج 6أو7جند ونموذج 2جند وصورة الرقم القومي سرعة إحضارهم من مكتب تعبئة وتجنيد بني سويف بمقر المحافظة شرق النيل وتسليمهم لمكتب شئون الطلاب بالكلية بحد أقصى يوم السبت الموافق 03-06-2023 وذلك لعمل التأجيلات الدراسية للطلاب الراغبين في السفر خلال إجازة نهاية العام الدراسي 2022-2023