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The Ministry of Higher Education approves the beginning of studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Nahda University

Dr. Muhammad Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, issued a decision No. 2959 for the year 2022, approving the beginning of studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Nahda University, starting from the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023.

A statement issued by Al-Nahda University stated that the approval of the Minister of Higher Education was based on Presidential Decree No. 67 of 2022 to add the Faculties of Fine Arts and Architecture to the faculties of Al-Nahda University in Beni Suef.

Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of Nahda University and a member of the Senate, explained that the Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities had approved the Bylaws for the bachelor’s program at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Al-Nahda University, In addition to what was stated in the report of the technical committee formed to study the material and human capabilities of the undergraduate program at the university.

Al-Mallahi added that the Faculty of Fine Arts at Al-Nahda University is the only faculty of its kind in private universities, and that the faculty’s policy aims to form and prepare the creative and experienced artist, who combines in his studies the artistic creative side with the applied commercial side, by combining academically and practically the curricula of studying traditional fine arts with its ancient history and its role in preparing an artist of a special kind, In addition to the modern applications of these fine arts, which qualifies the student for scientific and technical training in line with the local, regional and international labor market; Equipped with the latest media.

He stressed that the faculty is working to follow distinguished academic and professional programs in the fields of plastic arts, interior design, visual communication arts, music, and cinema, pointing out that the duration of study at the faculty is 4 years, divided into 8 main semesters, in addition to a summer semester that includes practical training.