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Director Mohamed Abu Seif and a group of media professionals Guests of the Graduation Projects Festival for Students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Nahda University

On Tuesday, December 28, Al-Nahda University witnessed the organization of a graduation projects festival for students of the Faculty of Media and Public Relations for the academic year 2021/2020 at Al-Nahda University Theater under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of Al-Nahda University and a member of the Senate, Eng./ Muhammad Al-Rashidi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, under the supervision of Prof. Dr./ Heba Allah Al-Samri, Dean of the College of Media and Public Relations.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of the University, welcomed the festival guests, the judges for the graduation projects, and all the attendees. He expressed his happiness at the festival, which showcases the creativity of students And the importance of the media’s role in documenting the civilizations of nations, stressing that the university provides the necessary support to graduate media cadres capable of dealing with the emerging changes in the media labor market.

While Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, spoke about the college’s efforts in organizing student events and activities that enrich the practical aspect of students and expressed his happiness with the students’ projects and their level.

Prof. Dr. Heba Allah Al-Samri, Dean of the College of Mass Communication, congratulated the students and their parents for reaping the fruits of their efforts and their upbringing. She thanked the university leaders for the full support of the college with everything it needs and for providing all the capabilities that help students with the quality of practical training. She also thanked the faculty members, the faculty’s support staff, and the administrative staff for their efforts.

The festival hosted in the jury a selection of experts and specialists in the field of media to provide the students with their experiences, as the judging committee included the projects:  Director/ Yosr Flux, a documentary director for Egyptian TV, Dr. Foley Abu Al-Saud, broadcaster on channel ten , the journalist/ Heba Hamza is a broadcaster on the Nile Educational Channel And Ms. Marwa Harbi, managing editor of “Sahbet El Saada” Program.

The festival also hosted a group of media stars, headed by Mr/ Mahmoud Abdel Samie, cinematographer, director / Mohamed Abu Seif, and director / Ahmed Ismail.

The festival included a number of paragraphs, where a film about the faculty of Media was shown, as well as a presentation of all the graduation projects produced by the students, which discuss many issues and raise many topics in addition to some artistic show.

The jury members spoke about their evaluation of the projects and praised the outstanding level of the projects and ideas they addressed. At the end of the festival, Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Magdi Abdel Qader, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anani, Advisor to the President of the University for Student Activities, and Prof. Dr. Heba Allah Al-Samri, Dean of the College, honored the guests of the festival and members of the jury and presented a shield The university has this in addition to presenting certificates of appreciation to the graduating students, within an atmosphere of happiness and joy among the students, their parents and the leaders of the university.

Then the project centers in the various scientific departments were announced. In the Radio and Television Department, the “out of box” project won the first place, and the “Tomorrow is Today” project won the second place out of seven projects implemented by the students.

At the level of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, the Apollomania project, whose idea revolves around the syndrome of excessive frequency, won first place.

The second place is the “Kids Phone” project, whose idea deals with the dangers of children’s use of mobile phones.

Director/ Ahmed Ismail, one of the project arbitrators, presented a production grant to the project team, “out of box”, which won first place in evaluating the projects of the Radio and Television Department for the implementation of a second part. The events of the film reveal it through the details it presents.

At the end of the festival, the parents expressed their happiness for the great interest they found on the part of the university leaders for their students and for what the university provides in order to prepare a generation ready for Tomorrow.

The idea of the festival is mainly to encourage students to compete among themselves to give their best. The festival was attended by a group of university leaders and students from various faculties, in addition to the participating student delegation from Beni Suef University.