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NUB gives Beni Suief governorate architectural designs of 5 new development projects.

Dr. Hossam Al-Malahi, President of NUB and Eng. Mohammed Al-Rashidi, Chairman of NUB Board of Trustees, on Monday, February 8, 2021, delivered 5 new development projects designed by NUB Center for Engineering Studies and Consultancy, a gift from NUB to Beni Suief and Dr. Mohamed Hani Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Suief, in accordance with the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, president of A.R.E to have universities supporting the provinces to achieve comprehensive development, and to continue the role of NUB in Egypt in general and Beni Suief in particular.

The handover ceremony was attended by Dr. Salem Al Khodri, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Director of NUB centre for Engineering Consultancy, the center’s team, and a group of leaders of NUB and a group of executive and popular leaders in Beni Suief governorate.

The Governor of Beni Suief praised the role of NUB in serving development issues in the province, and called for continued fruitful cooperation to serve the people of Beni Suief, and the governor also reviewed the development efforts, the most important topics of that concern, and called on investors to take advantage of the promising investment opportunities in the province.

Hossam Al-Malahi, president of NUB, said in a statement issued by the university that all technical support for the province is implemented to serve the population and improve the quality of life.

Eng. Mohammed Al-Rashidi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, also stressed that all sectors of the university will continue to support development efforts in the province in the coming period.

The design and drawings include five new projects aimed at upgrading the province: the construction of the tourist city of Midum, the garden and public park project by The Arab White Road, the development and planning project of the Nile Island for tourism and recreational use, the 68-acre dry port project, and the Adli Mansour Square project.

The first project represents one of the national projects of the state, namely the establishment of the tourist city of Midum on the western desert road with a flat 2,124 acres long and an average width of 1.5 km, and the design idea is based on the creation of an integrated urban tourism environment in one of the most important tourist areas in Upper Egypt, the Pyramid of Midum, under the umbrella of sustainable tourism, where NUB Engineering Center prepared the city’s outline plan and the use of land and design drawings for it, in accordance with the general vision of the Tourism Development Authority.

The second project, which is the design of a 23,000-square-meter flat garden located in the Area of Al-Arab Bayada on the road between Nahda Road and Adly Mansour Square, also designed the second project, and the park consists of areas that serve various activities such as a group of restaurants, an open theater, a gathering area, a children’s playground area, the services and management of the park, a handball and basketball  court, a park area, greenery and stalls, benches and water bodies, and the park serves the proposed activities. the garden is characterized by a unique and distinctive design that helps to innovate and contains landscape elements that serve all different tastes and age needs.

Al Nahda Engineering Consultancy Center has also prepared the plans and design drawings of the third project, which is for The Island of Beni Suef, located in front of the building of Beni Suef governorate and the eastern corniche, which is also being developed and designed by the Center of NUB for Engineering Consultancy, within the framework of the integration between the two designs of the Corniche

The island’s design idea was to preserve the environment and green nature of the island by committing to a minimum of 15% buildings, and it was proposed to build two rural resorts, a hotel, a leisure complex, restaurants with a theater and a play park-  the area of the island is 58 acres long and 1700 meters long and the largest width is 100 meters.

The fourth project was in the 68-acre land port of Beni Suief near the Adly Mansour axis on the Eastern Desert Road, the main transport route in Bani Suief and reaching industrial areas, whether Com Abu Radhi or The Arab Bayada, and the project is part of the state’s general plan to mitigate offshore ports to stimulate and encourage trade.

The fifth project was represented in the development and design of Adly Mansour Square, and the square is located beneath the Axis of Adly Mansour in the Area of The Arab Bayada.. The Engineering Consultancy Center at NUB has provided a unique design for the field inspired by the Pyramid of Midum and contains a monument containing the names of martyrs and the height of the design is up to 12 m to be a distinctive sign and a gate to the city of Beni Suief, and the area of the field reaches 9 thousand square meters. The design also features a unique landscape and elements of heritage have been used to reach the final shape.

It is worth mentioning that NUB organized a ceremony several months ago to hand over the governor of Beni Suef design and executive drawings and the brochure of the conditions and technical specifications of the project to build the Corniche east of the Nile city of Beni Suief to turn it into a tourist attraction. This project aimed at developing the eastern corniche of Beni Suief, from the bridge to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary with a length of 3,800 meters and an area of 25 acres, to promote the tourism system and attract more tourists in Beni Suief, in a way that blends recreational and archaeological tourism, and maximizes the weight of Egypt’s attractive destinations, and works to enhance the competitiveness of the vital tourism sector for the benefit of the Egyptian economy and to provide more jobs.