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The Dean of the faculty of Mass Communication is among the 100 influential figures in the Arab world

Dr. Heba El-Samry, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Public Relations at Al-Nahda University, was selected among the 100 influential figures in the Arab world in the Arab Entrepreneurs Union competition, in the fourth season edition of the Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs and Development Leaders.EPDL.

The award is dedicated to Arab symbols in the ranks of the leading international march of social responsibility in accordance with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 and the program of the United Nations path for social responsibility ITS, It is a hundred stories of success stories of the symbols of the Arab and African society, including leaders, project owners, pioneers of community work, media professionals, chairmen of boards of directors, and a group of public figures.

The Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs and Development Leaders is the first Arab encyclopedia issued by the Arab Pioneers Union since it was established in 2016 to document the achievements and march of community symbols and to shed light on the media and press on their pioneering and community leadership. It is issued in the form of a distinct volume issued periodically after the international honoring ceremony Including the biography and international career of the award recipients.

The award consolidates the concept of motivation and presenting the most important personalities and symbols of the Arab community, leaders, media professionals and officials through an international vision of the Union of Arab Pioneers and the importance of social responsibility in building a conscious future for one Arab and African nation in light of the current challenges.

The fourth season of the Arab Entrepreneurs Union competition discussed, through a number of experts and leaders, the mechanisms for benefiting from the energies of youth and investing in emerging projects as the most important factors that are interested in building the Egyptian state in light of the battle of true awareness of youth, and the pursuit of sustainable development, which President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi adopts.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Heba Al-Samri was the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University, before taking the position of Dean of the Faculty of Media and Public Relations at Al-Nahda University.

The Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication at Al-Nahda University held several positions, including the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research, and the Head of the Radio and Television Department at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University. She has also completed many research and studies in the field of media that have been published in local, regional and international scientific journals.

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