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The Nahda University Council gives the name of Dr. Mashali to one of the stadiums of the faculty of Medicine at the university

The Nahda University Council, in its meeting held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, chaired by Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of the University, and in the presence of the Vice-Presidents, Deans of Faculties and Administrative Leaderships, approved the launch of the name of Dr. Mohamed Mashali on one of the stadiums of the Faculty of Medicine at Nahda University.

This decision was made in honor of the name of Dr. Muhammad Mashally and to commemorate his memory, and in appreciation of his medical contributions, consolidating the values of dedication in serving patients, and reminding students of the supremacy of the medical profession represented in his person.

Al-Nahda University has also allocated a full annual scholarship in the name of Dr. Muhammad Mashally to one of the outstanding students from the first high school to study medicine at the university and bear the cost of his internship year at the Medical University of Vienna.

It is worth noting that Dr. Muhammad Mashali was born in the Behaira Governorate in 1944, and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Qasr Al-Aini in Cairo on June 5, 1967, and specialized in internal diseases, pediatrics and fever, to work in a number of medical centers and units in the countryside of the Egyptian Ministry of Health in different governorates. In 1975 he opened his private clinic in Tanta. He took care of his brothers and nephews, and he has 3 sons who all graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, and for many years he kept determining the value of his medical examination in his clinic not more than 5 Egyptian pounds, and finally increased to reach 10 pounds, and he often refused to receive the value of the examination from poor patients, He even buys them treatment often at his own expense.