Academics Advising

NUB has a central unit for academic advising that functions under the supervision of the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, the leadership of the Dean of Students,and the membership of two representatives of the assisting staff from each faculty. The assisting staff representatives act as academic advisors for the students of their respective faculties. From the day students join the faculty to the day they graduate, the academic advisors supervise students’ study program, follow their performance, and help them solve their academic problems. Linked to the credit hours system, the academic advising system provides students with
the following advantages:
• Helps students select the subjects to study in different specializations
• Establishes a learning plan for students in accordance with their capabilities
• Evaluates how far a student has progressed in light of the study plan
• Helps students overcome any difficulties or problems
• Guides students to the choices that suit their capabilities


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اعلان هام

على جميع الطلاب الذين أتموا سن التاسعة عشر من عمرهم إحضار نموذج (6) جند وإحضار نموذج (2) جند وصورة بطاقة الرقم القومي من أقرب مكتب تجنيد تابع لهم وتقديمها لإدارة شئون الطلاب لكل كلية على حدا في ميعاد أقصاه 30/1/2022 وذلك لعمل تأجيل التجنيد لهم مع اعتبار الموضوع هام وعاجل