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The launch of the first academy for Al-Ahly Club in Upper Egypt on the stadiums of Al-Nahda University

On Monday, August 15, 2022, Al-Nahda University witnessed the official opening of the Al-Ahly Club Academy, the first in Upper Egypt, on the stadiums of Al-Nahda University, which received in its first stages more than 300 Buds and juniors. In cooperation with the Century Club, and in the presence of Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of Al-Nahda University, a member of the Senate, Dr. Muhammad Hani Ghoneim, Governor of Beni Suef, and a group of Al-Ahly club stars headed by Captain Abdel Moneim Shata – President of Al-Ahly Club’s academies, Captain Ekrami Al-Shahat, and Captain Fawzy Scotty, Captain Yasser Rayan, and several representatives of the People’s Assembly and Senate in Beni Suef.

Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of Al-Nahda University, indicated that the cooperation between Al-Nahda University and Al-Ahly Club is a partnership between two major entities, with Al-Ahly club representing great value in Egyptian and African sports, And Al-Nahda University, which is the first and largest private university in Upper Egypt and one of the great beacons of science in Egypt, stressing on providing all the capabilities and the full support provided by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Eng. Mohammed Al-Rashidi, to the university in order to place “Al-Nahda” among the ranks of the major international universities.

Dr. Muhammad Hani Ghoneim – Governor of Beni Suef, stressed that the governorate is lucky to have Al-Nahda University on its land for its great contribution over the past years in supporting and developing the governorate, and that the presence of a large entity such as Al-Ahly Club Academy in Beni Suef is a Great pride for all the people of the province and a qualitative leap for the province to the position it deserves.

Captain Abdel Moneim Shata, President of Al-Ahly Club Academies, thanked Al-Nahda University for providing all the necessary facilities and tools for the success of the first academy for Al-Ahly Club in Upper Egypt, noting that Al-Nahda University can provide more stadiums to expand the club’s role. Al-Ahly in Beni Suef and Upper Egypt.

Captain Fawzi Scotti, a member of the Al-Ahly Distinguished Players Selection Committee, said that cooperation with Al-Nahda University opens the door to discovering more talents in Egypt, especially since Al-Ahly Club is constantly working through its academies to search for the best talents in Egypt.

Captain Yasser Rayan, member of the Al-Ahly Distinguished Players Selection Committee, pointed to the great role played by Al-Nahda University in bringing the Al-Ahly Club Academy in Beni Suef to light, praising the great cooperation between the university and the Al-Ahly Club Academy towards increasing the base of sports practice in Upper Egypt.