The Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Nahda University, organizes a celebration of “October Victories in the Eyes of Egyptian Cinema” and honoring the mother of the martyr Muhammad Mukhtar

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the Faculty of Media and Public Relations at Al-Nahda University organized a major celebration coinciding with the Egyptian state’s celebrations of the 48th anniversary of the glorious October victory, under the title “October Victories in the Eyes of Egyptian Cinema” in the presence of a number of martyrs’ families.

This event comes within the activities of the cultural season launched by the Faculty of Media and Public Relations at Al-Nahda University at the beginning of the current academic year under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of the University.

The event included the screening of a documentary film on the most prominent Egyptian cinema films that dealt with the heroism and sacrifices of the men of the armed forces during the wars of attrition and October 1973.

The family of the martyr/ Muhammad Mukhtar, a first lieutenant in the armed forces and a son of Beni Suef governorate, participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by Major General Staff Harb/ Hosni Salah El-Din, one of the heroes of the armed forces in the October War, who recounted his unique experience as a fighter during the war, and a number of artistic icons, foremost among them the product The great filmmaker/ Mohamed Al-Adl, the documentary director/ Hanan Mohamed Radi, and the film critic/ Nahed Salah.

Dr. Mohamed Ayoub, Vice President of Al-Nahda University, praised the efforts of the Faculty of Mass Communication in organizing important events that help raise the level of awareness and belonging to the new generations of students.

Muhammad Al-Adl stressed the need for the state to support the production of new cinematic films that add to the current cinematic legacy and document and perpetuate the victories of the glorious October war, in humanity and militarily.

At the end of the celebration, Dr. Heba Al-Samri, Dean of the College of Media, honored the guests and honored the filmmakers that dealt with the glorious October victories, headed by the great director/ Inaam Mohamed Ali, maker of the films “The Road to Eilat” and “Stranger Tales” and the late great director/ Mohamed Radi, filmmaker “Life is a moment”.