An elite group of art and media stars, guests of the Graduation Projects Festival for students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Nahda University

Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi: Our students must be aware of their roles, and always seek idealism in their lives.

Dr. Heba Al-Samri: Always strive to develop your capabilities and be armed with knowledge and continuous training.

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, Al-Nahda University witnessed the launch of the annual festival of graduation projects for students of the Faculty of Media and Public Relations at Al-Nahda University Theater in Beni Suef. Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of Al-Nahda University, And the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heba Al-Samri – Dean of the faculty of Media and Public Relations, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, And a group of art and media stars, led by the great director Hosni Saleh, and the artist Laila Ezz Al-Arab.

Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi expressed his happiness with the annual festival of the faculty of Mass Communication, He expressed his warm welcome to Egypt’s artistic and media figures, The President of Al-Nahda University confirmed that the media is an important message, and it is an antidote and the elixir of life for peoples. He also confirmed that he wishes our students to be aware of their roles they are entrusted with, and to always seek idealism in their lives, and to be the bearers of messages.

Dr. Heba Al-Samri – Dean of the faculty, congratulated the students, and saluted and appreciated the honorary guests of the festival, who serve as a model and role model for our students, hoping that the students will benefit from their experiences. She thanked the university leaders for their full support to the college, and their keenness to provide all the capabilities that allow students to achieve a high-quality academic and training level. Dr. Heba Al-Samri also thanked the faculty members, the faculty’s supporting staff, and the administrative staff for their fruitful cooperation and the proper conduct of the festival.

She emphasized that this day is a special day and moments of pride. In it, everyone witnesses the result of hard work and continuous effort throughout the years of study, until today we see the projects of our students at a level that allows them to compete locally and regionally with media students in all universities.

Dr. Heba Al-Samri indicated that the festival is a celebration of the stage of reaping the results of the efforts made by the students to graduate their work in the manner that everyone hopes, in continuation of the journey of excellence started by their colleagues in previous years, and that the education journey does not end, so students must always be keen to develop their abilities and arm themselves with knowledge and continuous training.

This year, the festival hosted the great artist, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, and assistant director, Mr. Hosseini Kamal, For the first time in the festival’s guest list, a dramatic work represents a different vision for the residents of the Asmarat region and highlights the efforts of the state that turned the dream into reality through the series “The Dream”. and honoring its stars: the great director Hosni Saleh and the two young artists, Yasmine Ali and Maryam Halim, In their words, all the festival guests expressed their fascination with the level of students in the graduation projects in terms of quality and diversity of ideas, stressing that this is the beginning of the journey and that work and determination to succeed is the basis in the field of media work.

In the jury, the festival hosted a group of experts and specialists in the field of media to provide the students with their experiences. The jury of the projects included: Director Yusr Flux, a record director on Egyptian TV, Dr. Foley Abu Al-Saud, presenter on Channel Ten, Mr. Abdel-Basir Hassan, chief correspondent for BBC News Arabic in Cairo, Mr. Omar Fares, journalist at Al-Shorouk newspaper and digital content writer, Heba Hamza, presenter at Nile Educational Channel, and Ms. Marwa Harbi Managing Editor of Sahbet Elsaada Program.

The festival included a number of  categories, which included the screening of a film about the College of Media and Public Relations, as well as the presentation of graduation projects produced by students in the three departments, where the Radio and Television Department produced projects represented in:(I know – the ecornia – a third voice – a matter of time – Pofsia – the secret of the story) The production of the Public Relations and Advertising Department represented projects (Shali Ashri – Tongue Knot – Two Halfs – We Will Learn for our future – The Secret In You) and the Press Department presented the Meta Future project, in addition to presenting some artistic categories submitted by the students.

The members of the jury praised the outstanding level of the projects and their ability to offer solutions to the problems they address. They also praised the ideas presented, which are in line and consistent with the state’s trends in implementing sustainable development ideas in all fields.  The jury also praised the role of the faculty in guiding students and providing all forms of support and knowledge.

Then Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi – President of the University, and Dr. Magdy Abdel Qader – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, And Dr. Heba Al-Samri, Dean of the College, honored the guests of the festival and members of the jury, And the host of the media ceremony, Mohamed Turk, in addition to honoring the distinguished students, The festival concluded by announcing the honoring of Reem Hosam, the distinguished student at the College of Mass Communication.