The 3rd International Conference on Physiotherapy (No Disability) with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi, President of Al-Nahda University, a Senator and the honorary president of the conference

And headed by Prof. Dr. Alaa Balbaa, Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at Al-Nahda University

The Third International Conference on Physiotherapy was held in Cairo at the Triumph plaza Hotel in Heliopolis under the slogan (No Disability with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation) in the presence of curators, deans and Vice-Deans of faculties of Physiotherapy and students from all faculties of Physiotherapy in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Hossam Al-Mallahi confirmed that Al-Nahda University greatly supports the profession of physical therapy and has seen since the inception of the college in the university that physical therapy is a key to solving the problems of people with  disabilities, and stressed that Al-Nahda University will not skimp on supporting the college to conduct more conferences that aim to advance and develop the field of physical therapy.

Prof. Dr. Alaa Balbaa highlighted the role of physiotherapy in solving many of the physical problems that affect people of disabilities, and that physiotherapy has an effective role in rehabilitating people of disabilities, which makes them easily integrate into society. He explained that the rehabilitation center (no disability) is a dream for all people of disabilities to establish a giant medical edifice serves all types of disabilities.

During the conference, a number of new research and ideas that serve the field of physical therapy in the fields of neurology, orthopedics, children and stadium injuries were discussed.

During the conference, a presentation was made of companies of physical therapy devices, electrical, manual and hydrotherapy devices, assessment devices and research devices for physiotherapy.